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About the law office of derric mcfarland

When you need an attorney you can trust, don’t count on just anyone. At the Law Office of Derric McFarland in Texarkana, TX, I work hard to put my clients first. Whether you need a criminal lawyer to represent you for an upcoming case, or a divorce lawyer to guide you through the final steps, I stay by my clients’ side every step of the way.

I am responsible for helping you meet your legal goals and will do everything in my power to get you there. As your attorney, I ensure complete attorney/client confidentiality and I will never discuss any case details you share with me to another party.

For more than 15 years, I have been practicing law and fighting for my clients. To better serve you, I stay up to date with current changes in local, state and federal regulations. No matter what your case may be, you can expect me to be well-informed to give you a fair fight.

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I have spent more than 15 years working on cases just like yours. I have come to know federal, state, and local regulations to give you the effective fight you deserve.

Personal Touch

My clients deserve an attorney who cares about their case. As your attorney, I will be attentive to details and do my best to guide and represent you.


Being a local attorney means I have personal ties within the community and can work closely with officials to get you the best deal.

From family law to criminal defense, I practice in a variety of areas to ensure I can keep you protected no matter what your situation is. If you need an attorney you can count on, call the Law Office of Derric McFarland in Bowie County and schedule your consultation today.